About Me

Who am I

My full name is Vera Nkechi Anenyeonu, I was born in Edo state of Nigeria but I hail from Anambra state. At a very young age I lost my parents and was raised by my half brother and half sisters.

I grew up in the southeast of Nigeria before moving to Lagos as a teenager. I am the youngest of seven siblings. I am the only member of my family to work in show business. Some of my siblings have been reluctantly supportive of my decision to work as an artiste and majority of others disapprove. It has not always been easy for me. Dancing and acting have been lifelong passions for me. I held on, kept my faith and now I have a different story, ‘I am a testimony’ All glory to my God.

After a debut in acting with various supporting roles in Nollywood movies and in TV series, my career as a dancer really started in 1997. I also started performing solo with famous artists like Hugh Masekela, Femi Kuti, and Orlando Julius Ekemode.

I created my own company in Nigeria Vera’s Danse Hauz. I focus on African contemporary dance, drama and movement in theatre.

I went to England to complete my studies in Performing Arts (Manchester). I also had the opportunity to explore further teachings, movement advising and directing. Leading school workshops in the North West region and co directing a play.“My taste of freedom” was my debut in my directing career for the Open mind project, an educational project on slavery performed at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester. (Aim Higher, Greater Manchester)

I find my inspiration in my own experiences, sufferings and struggles; I share with other women. I still stand self-motivated, energetic and positive in all of this.

In my spare time I love to travel, do sports, dance, watch movies, listen to music and just have fun!